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Opportunity with the Government and the Industry
Opportunity with the Government and the Industry

McKinsey Global Institute has revealed that digital skills are set to become increasingly important as the global economy continues to change. LinkedIn insights reveal a growing demand for digital skills. Global businesses are betting on their digital strategy to spur growth. Every industry & every sector is undergoing the digital transformation. But, CEOs are struggling to find digital skills – finding and hiring employees with the key skills they need to succeed in the digital world continues to keep CEOs awake at night: 80% of CEOs say they’re worried and 38% are extremely concerned about the availability of digital skills in their country. Having digital talent is important for digital transformation, but companies are facing barriers when it comes to recruiting, employing and retaining that talent. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), the biggest challenges to recruiting and employing digital talent are integrating digital talent hires with the core company and not enough digital skills training across the company.

Opportunity with the Students and the Professionals
Opportunity with the Students and the Professionals

Many students, employees, and professionals feel they are not equipped with the right digital skills for the digital economy. Every student or professional wishes to be employed right after their education or make progress in their career and educators can also make student instantly employable or bring career progress to professionals. While some educators have modified or expanded their curriculum & programs to meet this growing demand for digital skills, many educators are struggling to provide the essential digital skills. Preparing youth for the jobs of tomorrow remains a necessity across the world, where many lack the digital skills required to succeed. There is a digital skills mismatch between what companies need, and the talent pools they currently hire from. The pace of automation will exacerbate these skills shortages. Businesses must get cracking on addressing these gaps – or they will be left behind.

Become an Education Partner
Become an Education Partner

Bridging the digital skills gap has been identified as “one of the biggest challenges” to the industry and a “great business opportunity” for educators. Major companies partnering with educators for education opportunities in emerging technologies. Corporations are investing in students at higher education institutions to help them excel in digital skills-based careers. We partner with educators globally to offer in-demand digital skilling programs that employers need and students & professionals want. With our partnership, educators can bridge the digital skills gap with industry to empower creative & technical students and professionals. We work with large secondary schools, colleges, universities, TVET and training institutions – private, public, local, state, federal, for-profit and not-for-profit institutions across the world. Benefits to institution include increased student intake, improve ranking & brand value, increased growth, by adding industry validated & in-demand digital skilling programs to the portfolio to target new markets, increase students’ intake and enhance employability.

Digital skilling transformation roadmap for students & professionals (2-4 months)

Educators can leverage their existing infrastructure & resources (pre-requisites)

5 classrooms impact over 3 years: $2M+ Revenue / 12,000+ Trained / 5,000+ New Jobs / 1,000+ Entrepreneurs

Industry Aligned Digital Skilling Program Levels


Duration: 1 Month | Certified: 3/8

1. Time Management
2. Writing for Web & Mobile (C)
3. JavaScript Foundations (C)
4. Introducing Sketch for UX and UI
5. Modern Web Design (C)
6. Build Better Websites with Chrome Developer Tools
7. Structuring and Organizing HTML5 Forms
8. 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Creation


Duration: 2 Months | Certified: 6/15


9. Introduction to Git and GitHub
10. Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3
11. UX Fundamentals (C)
12. Information Design and Visualization Fundamentals (C)
13. Introduction to Node.js
14. jQuery Building Blocks (C)
15. Creating a WordPress Theme

Expert (Recommended)
Expert (Recommended)

Duration: 3 Months | Certified: 9/20


16. Coding for Designers (C)
17. Advanced Rapid Prototyping with Axure
18. Creating a Drupal 8 Theme
19. JavaScript & jQuery Survival Guide (C)
20. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals (C)
> Placement Assistance
> Become a Freelancer/Entrepreneur

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