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Industry Problem
Industry Problem

As organizations are taking digital transformation initiatives, “90% of organizations lack digital transformation skills.” – Forbes Insights. There is an immense demand for highly paid design, creative, marketing and development skills across all sizes and sectors of business globally.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Transformation of activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.

Lack of Digital Skills
Lack of Digital Skills

Digital transformation is taking place across the world, nations, government, and businesses. However, “74% percent of business executives say their company has a digital strategy, but only 15% feel they have the skills and capabilities to execute it.” – ‘Digitize Your Business Strategy’ from Forrester

Skills mapped for in-demand industry functions & roles

Function: Creative & Design
Function: Creative & Design

Creative/Art Direction
Digital/Web Design & Production
Graphic/Visual Design & Production
Project Management

Function: Content & Writing
Function: Content & Writing

Content Strategy

Function: Development
Function: Development

Hardware/Software Support
Mobile Development
Network/Systems Engineering
QA & Testing
Software Development
Technical Project Management

Function: Marketing
Function: Marketing

Brand/Product Marketing
Data/Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing
Direct/Database Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Communications
Account/Project/Program Management
Social Media/PR/Communications

Role: UX & UI
Role: UX & UI

UX Designer
UI Designer
UX Researcher
Information Architect
UX Strategist
UX Architect

Role: Creative & Design
Role: Creative & Design

Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer
Interactive Art Director
Visual Designer
Web Designer
Web Production Artist

Role: Content & Writing
Role: Content & Writing

Content Producer
Content Strategist
Copy Editor/Writer
Presentation Specialist
Proofreader/Web Editor
Proposal/Technical Writer

Role: Marketing
Role: Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy & Management
Digital Marketing Analytics
Marketing Technology Management
SEO/PPC/Interactive Project Manager
Market Researcher
Mobile Marketing Specialist
Event/Marcom/Product Marketing Manager
Email/Social Media Marketer
Web Analytics Specialist

Role: Development
Role: Development

Front End Developer
Mobile App Developer
Mobile Site Developer
Rapid Prototyper
Full Stack Developer

Industry Aligned Digital Skilling Program Levels


Duration: 1 Month | Certified: 3/8

1. Time Management
2. Writing for Web & Mobile (C)
3. JavaScript Foundations (C)
4. Introducing Sketch for UX and UI
5. Modern Web Design (C)
6. Build Better Websites with Chrome Developer Tools
7. Structuring and Organizing HTML5 Forms
8. 3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Creation


Duration: 2 Months | Certified: 6/15


9. Introduction to Git and GitHub
10. Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3
11. UX Fundamentals (C)
12. Information Design and Visualization Fundamentals (C)
13. Introduction to Node.js
14. jQuery Building Blocks (C)
15. Creating a WordPress Theme

Expert (Recommended)
Expert (Recommended)

Duration: 3 Months | Certified: 9/20


16. Coding for Designers (C)
17. Advanced Rapid Prototyping with Axure
18. Creating a Drupal 8 Theme
19. JavaScript & jQuery Survival Guide (C)
20. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals (C)
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> Become a Freelancer/Entrepreneur

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